Industrial Processing Machines

Frey GmbH

BAS 02/SA Belt Linking System + AHL Hanging Line

  • In combination with the DHGA casing holder, the BAS 02/SA offers maximum efficiency through fully automatic opening and closing of the entire unit.
  • The integrated servo linker guarantees the highest precision, working speed and process reliability.
  • Thanks to the straight and short route the meat follows, even critical products like raw sausages can be processed quickly and reliably.
  • Fully electronic, semi-automatic belt linking system for PORTIONING and LINKING natural, collagen and artificial casings
  • from caliber 13 to 38 mm, portioning length min. 30 mm
  • Portioning speed approx. 850 portions/min.
  • Servo drive with positioning control
  • Integrated high-speed servo linker
  • Integrated, pneumatically driven DHGA – length 380 mm.
  • Compressed air connection DIN ISO 8573-1 class 2 with 6 bar/approx. 24 sl/min required.
  • TC733 stuffer control required
  • Connected load 7.5 KW
  • Accessories incl. network and connection cable for Frey stuffer, water feed, 1 set of belts and chute onto the stuffing table

  • The BAS 02/SA can be combined with the WK98 / WK132 grinding head systems. This results in a significantly higher product quality. The BAS system is mobile and can be quickly connected to the stuffer with its ball joint connector. This ensure the shortest possible setup times. The machine is made entirely of stainless steel and therefore offers the highest standard of hygiene.
  • BAS 02/SA + AHL 02
  • Fully electronic hanging line
  • Controlled via TC733/TC1000, FREY TOP LINE drive
  • Control elements integrated in BAS 02 /SA
  • Mobile design made entirely of stainless steel
  • Incl. 120 flexible hooks that can be attached in different positions
  • With 5 hook groups and connection to BAS 02 /SA
  • Connected load 8.5 KW

For more information, download the brochure here.