Industrial Processing Machines

Foodlogistik GmbH

SlicR Comfort – Slicer Machine

  • Slices and portions of boneless and bone-in products – perfect for butcher shops, commercial kitchens, supermarkets, hypermarkets and for the food industry
  • Processing temperature up to -4° C
  • Classic structured metal surface cares for optimum transport of the meat or outfeed with conveyor
  • If fresh, chilled or tempered frozen products – the SLICR® cut boneless and bone-in products in even slices – precise portioning is guaranteed
  • The pulling cut of the slice-cut knife assures plain and clean cutting surfaces and cut chops almost splinter-proof
  • Marginal sanitizing expenses for best hygienic conditions – the SLICR® are smoothly to clean by carry out few actions only
  • Feed motion at choice continuous for high volume cutting with double bladeor intermittent cutting with single cut knifeachieving precise slices
  • Solid PET or stainless steel covers(on request)
  • Of course all SLICR® comply to latest EC sanitation rules and safety regulations

For more information, download the brochure here.