Industrial Processing Machines

Foodlogistik GmbH

CrozzDicR Comfort – Dicer Machine

  • Cubes, Strips, Slices or Shredding – The fully automatic Dicers are the right choice for high-performance food industry
  • Automatic controlled guillotine cross knife, no cutting down the product size required which reduces costs and saves time plus the possibility to automate the infeed.
  • Solid stainless steel grid sets, fourfold attached,designed for hardest workload
  • Product outfeedfor 200 litre trolleysunderneath machine or conveyor (optional)
  • Leftover removalthrough large stainless steel drain pipes for best hygienic standard
  • High-quality SIEMENS Computerprocessing units guarantee best reliability
  • Feed piston mode at choice continuous for high volume cutting with double or four-bladed knife or intermittent cutting with single cut knife achieving precise cubes
  • Marginal sanitizing expenses and best hygienic
  • Shiftable operation mode “Last Cut” to minimize the leftovers in the grid sets, ideal at a product change and closing time
  • “Clean Out” mode to make all machinery parts easy accessible
  • Guillotine cross knife plus its guidance and all cutting tools can be tool-free dismantled in an instant

For more information, download the brochure here.